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April 2018images/300/Apr 29 1.jpg

Cab refitted after final riveting

Second injector overflow pipe made and fitted

Ashpan outer framework now fully assembled

Fabrication of water supply copper pipework started

March 2018images/300/Mar 4 6.jpg

White metal poured for the eccentrics

Construction of new ash pan started

First injector overflow pipe made and fitted

Tool box and window hinges fitted

February 2018images/300/Feb 25 5.jpg

All brake pull rods fitted

Both injectors fitted

Final riveting on cab undertaken

Building up of boiler barrel base completed

January 2018images/300/Jan 14 6.jpg

Riveting on of new boiler barrel section started

Remaining accessible lap seam rivets replaced

Old white metal removed from eccentrics

Cab removed for final riveting