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Engineering Timeline

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December 2011images/300/Blog_pic_10.jpg

Boiler lifted
Leading truck removed
Wheels removed and sheeted
Fames returned to site outside rear of shed

November 2011

Springs and brakes removed
Under keeps removed and steam cleaned
Pony truck compensating beam and crossbeam removed
Pony truck spring beam nuts undone.
Blastpipe removed from smokebox.
Fabrication table built and new bunker floor laid out.
First angle drilled for bunker

October 2011images/300/blog_pic_12.jpg

Bunker completely dismantled, (over 500 rivets ground out!). Key
parts have been saved and stored ready to be copied or used in
the new fabrication
Two-day shareholder working weekend organised in October.
Over 20 shareholders helped during the two days. Numerous
parts removed, cleaned, painted and stored in container
New steel profiles for bunker delivered, painted and stored

September 2011

Boiler now free from frames and prepared for lift
All inner motion parts, from crank axle/eccentrics to valves, now sourced and secured

August 2011images/300/Blog_pic_14.jpg

A pattern of Sunday and mid week working parties established
Removed from locomotive: cab/side tanks /bunker/ buffers/draw hooks/valves/running plates/slide bars/super heater elements/steam pipes/some brake gear

June 2011images/300/Blog_pic_15.jpg

Shipping container for storage of parts obtained
4253 successfully moved from Wales and stabled in front yard of Rolvenden Works

May 2011images/300/Z85.jpg

Two weekend working parties at Blaenavon Railway to prepare locomotive for transfer to Kent

April 2011

The 4253 Locomotive Company Limited incorporated at Companies House
Business Plan for the project presented and agreed with Board of Trustees of Kent and East Sussex Railway.
Permission granted to bring 4253 to KESR and commence restoration at Rolvenden Locomotive Works
4253 Purchased