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images/300/GWR 4253 cylinder.jpgDecember 2012

Rear drag box cleaned and painted

Needle gunned rear inside of frames

Final bunker components manufactured - water valve bosses

Bunker tool boxes fabricated and painted

Front and rear of cab manufactured and painted

Cylinder cover studs refurbished

November 2012images/300/4253 rear buffer beam.jpg

The rebuilt upper intermediate stretcher riveted to frames

Removal and rebuilding of lower intermediate stretcher

Rear buffer beam reassembled and riveted

Ducket on bunker installed

Handbrake assembly housing fabricated

Strip down and painting of all component parts of bunker prior to final riveting

October 2012images/300/Oct_Blog.jpg

Wheels cleaned and painted
Preparations made for surgery on rear frame plates including
strengthening the frames with cross members
New cab floor supports fabricated
Remaining inside motion removed, cleaned and stored
Upper curved back on bunker installed, drilled and bolted

September 2012images/300/Blog_pic_1.jpg

Rear buffer beam removed and cleaned
Rivets removed in rear of frame
Remaining cab floor removed
Axle boxes removed, cleaned and stored

August 2012images/300/Sept12_newsletter_7.jpg

Smokebox needle gunned and painted
Regulator and rod removed from boiler
Leading truck disassembled
Cylinder covers and pistons removed
Bunker construction: Back corners installed

July 2012images/300/Pic 15 july2012.jpg

Boiler needle gunned and painted
Superheater head removed from boiler
Wastage areas on frames welded
Top intermediate stretcher reinstated
Brake hangers overhauled and rebushed
Bunker construction: Preparation for water baffles and coal floor



June 2012images/300/Sept12_newsletter_6.jpg

Needle gunning and painting frames continues
Top intermediate stretcher rebuilt
Bunker construction: Trail fit of bunker components. Await delivery of back corners

May 2012images/300/Sept12_newsletter_5.jpg

Needle gunning and painting frames continues
Remaining brake hangers removed
Bunker construction progressing. Sides, front and lower back sheets drilled and prepared

April 2012images/300/Pic 12 April 2012.jpg

Needle gunning and painting frames continues
Reinstated/riveted in front buffer beam
Bunker construction commences. Floor and bottom sheets have been drilled ready for riveting (drilled literally means hundreds of holes!). Splashers for rear wheels in water space fabricated

March 2012images/300/Pic 11 march 2012.jpg

Fabricated and installed new drag box
Reinstated/riveted in front gussets
Drill new front buffer beam
Needle gunning and painting frames continues
Thickness measurements on frame between firebox and cylinders reveal that despite wastage there is more than sufficient steel to ensure full strength integrity However stretchers will need replacing along with some rivets. Area behind firebox (under cab floor) has not yet been investigated although we do know serious remedial surgery will be required

February 2012images/300/Blog_pic_8.jpg

Pony truck damper mechanism removed from frame and overhauled
Front sand boxes removed
Needle gunning and painting frames between the firebox and cylinder block

January 2012images/300/June12_newsletter_1.jpg

Tent erected on top of loco frames
Horns cleaned and greased. Horn ties replaced
Horn oilers removed
Front buffer beam removed
Front drag box removed
Front gussets removed and straightened