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December 2013images/300/Moving tube plate.jpg

Wasted section of right hand frame cut away

Right hand water tank rear panels drilled and trial fitted

Front tube plate removed

Cleaning of interior of boiler barrel commenced

images/300/Wheel return 2.jpgNovember 2013

Wheels returned from South Devon Railway fully refurbished

Smokebox removed from boiler barrel

Rivets holding front tube plate in place all removed

Last of the steel panels for the right hand water tank purchased

New draw hooks obtained

images/300/Frame weld.jpgOctober 2013

Left hand frame repair section welded in

Temporary construction area extended to take second water tank

Repair of third sandbox started

Left hand water tank dismantled and angle pieces cleaned and inspected

Removal of rivets holding smoke box to boiler barrel has begun

images/300/Frame repair section.jpg

September 2013

Two sand boxes repaired and painted

All tubes now removed from boiler together with accumulated scale and debris

Left hand frame repair section tacked in place and slowly being welded up

Removal of the smoke box from the boiler barrel has commenced

Fundraising stall manned during weekend events at Bodiam and Robertsbridge

images/300/Boiler interior.jpgAugust 2013

All flue tubes and majority of boiler tubes removed

Repair of sand boxes started

Fabrication of new right hand water tank progressed

Dismantling of left hand water tank started

images/300/Frame cutout.jpgJuly 2013

Frames - damaged section at rear of left hand side cut out and repair sections for both left  and right hand sides prepared and drilled.  Remaining suspect rivets removed

Cylinders and valve chest area needle gunned and coated in red oxide

Good progess made on fabrication of right hand water tank

GWR 5668 prepared for its move from Blaenavon to Rolvenden

images/300/Water tank 01.jpgJune 2013

Fabrication of right hand water tank commenced with plate being drilled

Lower intermediate stretcher riveted to frames

Brake cylinder strip down started

Rear drag boxes cleaned, rivets replaced as necessary and painted

One connecting rod acquired

images/300/Pony Truck.jpgMay 2013

Pony truck frame cleaned and painted

Bunker fitting out commenced - handbrake column and oil boxes installed

Boiler support band reinstated

Crew steps completed

Boiler detube commenced

Steel for right hand tank ordered and delivered

images/300/Side tank dismantling.jpgApril 2013

Bunker riveting completed with ducket (where rear lamp is mounted) now installed

Lower intermediate stretcher trial fitted, removed and riveted up

Crew steps riveted up

Right hand side tank totally dismantled and all angle pieces cleaned up for reuse


images/300/bunker side back.jpgMarch 2013

Bunker almost completed with 1,147 rivets installed so far

Right hand water tank being dismantled after measurements taken.  There are hundreds of rivets to be ground off here

Front and rear cab sheets prepared for riveting

Many more parts acquired including side rods and vacuum pump

images/300/off they go.jpgFebruary 2013

Bunker riveting continues with water space and coal floor now completed

Some 920 rivets are now in place

Wheels sent to South Devon Railway for tyre turning

Many new parts acquired and stored 

Dismantling of side tanks has commenced

Grinding off of boiler tube ends in firebox prior to removal continues

images/300/riveting men.jpgJanuary 2013

Lower intermediate stretcher manufactured

Rear frame tie manufactured

Parts acquired including axle underkeep and cab window frames

Cab steps manufactured - now awaiting riveting

Bunker riveting commenced - Floor and sides completed

Some 497 rivets now in place