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December 2014 images/300/LH back 5.jpg

Rear panels completed for water tank

Complete trial build of water tank finished

Old white metal removed from slipper blocks

Fabrication of horn grinding machine started

November 2014images/300/New parts 1.jpg

New coupled keeps and guide liners obtained for axle boxes

All axle box rubbing plates removed

Crack on frame by left leading horn repaired

Top panels and baffles for left hand water tank completed

October 2014images/300/F Buffer 3.jpg

Front and rear buffers re-attached

Crack in frame by left leading horn repaired

Axle box brasses all re-white metalled

Pony truck stretcher riveted in place

September 2014images/300/Chimney.jpg

New chimney and blower injector ring received

Both pony truck axle boxes fully machined

Left hand water tank measured up for manufacture of rear panels

£1,000 raised for the project from the sale of all the scrap metal

August 2014images/300/Machining 2.jpg

All axle journals measured up for machining of axle boxes

Machining of pony truck axle boxes started

Construction of left hand water tank progressing well

Successfull fund raising weekend at The Weald of Kent Steam Rally

July 2014images/300/Buffers finished.jpg

All four buffers reassembled and finished

Pony truck axle boxes get new white metal poured

Construction of left hand water tank started

New smokebox and door arrive

June 2014images/300/Ptruck stretcher 1.jpg

Pony truck stretcher rebuilt and bolted into frames

Brake vacuum cylinder rebuilt

Rear buffer beam riveted on

Horns cleaned and examined

Old white metal melted out of axle boxes


images/300/Rear buffer beam.jpg

May 2014

Rear buffer beam reassembled and bolted in place

Weighshaft replaced in frames

New cab floor frames bolted in place

All suspension springs cleaned and examined

Frame refurbishment continues

images/300/Weighshaft 6.jpgApril 2014

Weighshaft refurbished with new bushes

Right hand frame repair section fully welded in and dressed

New pony truck stretcher completed and trial fitted

Brake vacuum tank stripped and being refurbished

Smokebox stripped of re-usable parts

March 2014images/300/Teaching riverting.jpg

Refurbishment of another sand box completed

Welding in of right hand frame repair section started

Final panel of right hand water tank bolted into place prior to riveting.  Over 1,800 rivets have been inserted so far

Railway's apprentice trained up in the art of riveting 

images/300/Hot rivet.jpg

February 2014

Final build of the right hand water tank has commenced with 1,068 rivets put in place during the month

Rebuilding of the sand boxes continues

Brake cylinder removed from 5668 as a donor for 4253.  Stripped, cleaned and painted

images/300/Dave tank back.jpg

January 2014

Right hand water tank trial build successfully completed

Refurbishment/repair of tank furniture started

5668 moved to Rolvenden yard to prepare for storage

New pony truck stretcher fabricated

Right hand frame repair section now in place ready for welding