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December 2015images/300/Dec 6 7.jpg

Horn grinding machine undergone successful trials

New front section of boiler barrel positioned and drilled

All steel firebox stays now removed

Majority of copper firebox stays drilled out

November 2015images/300/Nov 15 5.jpg

Axle boxes drilled for brass rubbing plates

New smokebox assembled and door fitted

New front handrails fabricated

Front section of boiler barrel removed

Superheater header studs removed and threads re-tapped

October 2015images/300/Oct 4 2.jpg

Fabrication of new cab completed

Last of the riveting on the frames completed

New smokebox sacrificial plate cut and drilled

Overhaul of blast pipe, regulator box and superheater header started

Majority of firebox stays now removed

September 2015images/300/Sept 27 2.jpg

Smokebox inner door and baffle constructed

New cab structure ready for final riveting

Horn grinding machine built to first testing stage

Set of spring hanger pins fabricated

August 2015images/300/Aug 30 4.jpg

Riveting of door ring to smokebox and hinges to door completed

Construction and trial assembly of new cab almost completed

All firebox stays removed from backhead and throatplate

New front running plate fitted

July 2015images/300/Jul 19 5.jpg

New drain cock castings machined

New smokebox door fitted to smokebox ring

Sand boxes completed and trial fitted

Top beading and rear ducket fitted to bunker

June 2015images/300/June 21 1.jpg

Fitting out of new smokebox commenced

Fabrication of new cab started

New front running plate fabricated and trial fitted

Majority of foundation ring rivets now removed

May 2015images/300/May 17 2.jpg

Construction of horn grinding machine progressed

Internal motion components refurbished

Start made on removal of boiler foundation ring

Machining of new brake arm bearing cap castings starts

April 2015images/300/Apr 26 6.jpg

Fire grate support brackets removed

Palm stays removed from boiler

Boiler rivet removal progressing well

Heads of all firebox copper stays cut off

March 2015images/300/Mar 22 b.jpg

Left leading horn replaced

Riveting up of new left hand water tank almost completed

Refurbishment of brake vacuum tank finished

Valve assembly dismantled

New drain cocks machined

February 2015images/300/8Feb2.jpg

Riveting of the second water tank begins

Dismantling of the boiler progressing

Machining of axlebox rubbing plate brasses continues

Slide bars refurbished

January 2015images/300/Jan15.jpg

Dismantling of the boiler started

Trial build of second water tank completed

Machining of axle box brass rubbing plates started

Construction of temporary boiler house completed