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December 2016images/300/Dec 4 4.jpg

Last remnants of copper firebox stays removed

Driver's side rear cylinder cover repaired

Repair section for lower boiler barrel fabricated and prepped

Initial machining of under keeps completed

November 2016images/300/Nov 6 3.jpg

Machining and trial fitting of axle boxes continues

New cylinder drain cock operating mechanism finished

Lap seam rivets at throat plate end of firebox replaced

Driver's side rear cylinder cover repaired

October 2016images/300/Oct 23 2.jpg

Start made on removing firebox lap seam rivets

Painting of wheelsets finished

First axle box fully machined and trial fitted

Full set of right side coupling rods obtained

September 2016images/300/Sept 18 4.jpg

Pony truck fully reassembled

Boiler house roof extension built and fitted

New boiler backhead now on site

Final painting of wheel sets started

August 2016images/300/Aug 287 8.jpg

Machining of horns completed

New drain cock brackets fabricated

New cab doors made

Motion brackets and rear sand boxes re-fitted

July 2016images/300/Jul 3 1.jpg

New cylinder cladding completed

Throat plate removed from boiler

Fabrication of new cab window frames continues

Trailing axle horns ground

June 2016images/300/Jun 27 1.jpg

Both lower side wrappers removed from boiler

First replacement arm welded onto brake shaft

Left leading horn tie repaired

New brake shaft arms machined

May 2016images/300/May 29 5.jpg

Reaming out of smokebox mounting holes started

New cylinder cladding fabricated

Intermediate axle horns ground

New brake and spring hanger pins made

April 2016images/300/Apr 3 2.jpg

Front sand boxes installed

Horn tie studs refurbished/replaced as necessary

Horn and axle lubrication couplings/units refurbished

All axle box rubbing plates riveted in place

Grinding of horn faces continues

March 2016images/300/Mar 13 2.jpg

All axle and crank pins successfully NDT tested

New sand boxes finished

New set of spring hanger pins made

All copper and steel stays now removed from firebox

Refurb of gauge frame, damper doors and handbrake started

February 2016images/300/Feb 21 1.jpg

New boiler throatplate, side wrappers, tube plate & longitudinal stays delivered

Bronze rubbing plates fitted to all axleboxes

Top beading riveted to both water tanks

Final riveting of new sandboxes completed

January 2016images/300/Jan 17 4.jpg

Cab window frames refurbished

Smokebox attachment ring machined and fitted

Rivet holes for above all marked and drilled

Couplings fitted to new draw hooks and trial fitted