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December 2018images/300/Dec 9 2.jpg

Eccentrics, expansion links and eccentric rods fitted

Splasher to protect vacuum pump made and trial fitted

Boiler barrel repair section welded in under supervision of boiler inspector

Lower slide bar on fireman's side aligned and fitted

November 2018images/300/Nov 4 2.jpg

Eccentric strap white metal bearings scraped to fit

New thrust washers machined for motion components

Splash covers made for rear wheels

New slide bar pins made

October 2018images/300/Oct 21 6.jpg

Scraping in of eccentric bearings started

Driver's side valve chest rebored

Draincock assemblies fitted

New die blocks fitted to expansion links

September 2018images/300/Sept 16 5.jpg

Fireman's side valve chest rebored

New expansion link die blocks bored

New bushes made and fitted to the inside motion

New smokebox dart bar finished

August 2018images/300/Aug 19 1.jpg

Start made on installing boring machine to bore valve chests

Superheater header cleaned out

New motion pins made

Welding of new ashpan completed

JULY 2018images/300/July 8 5.jpg

New smokebox dart bar finished

Superheater header steam pipes reburbished

Steam pipe to smokebox sealing plates made

Injector pipework fitting continues

JUNE 2018images/300/Jun 17 5.jpg

Motion components measured for new pins

Ashpan tunnel sections welded in and ground back

Injector delivery pipework started

New boiler barrel section drilled and prepped for welding

May 2018images/300/May 27 4.jpg

Damper doors made and fitted to ashpan

New dart bar parts fabricated

Missing brake beam safety chains made and fitted

Slipper block oil pots machined

April 2018images/300/Apr 29 1.jpg

Cab refitted after final riveting

Second injector overflow pipe made and fitted

Ashpan outer framework now fully assembled

Fabrication of water supply copper pipework started

March 2018images/300/Mar 4 6.jpg

White metal poured for the eccentrics

Construction of new ash pan started

First injector overflow pipe made and fitted

Tool box and window hinges fitted

February 2018images/300/Feb 25 5.jpg

All brake pull rods fitted

Both injectors fitted

Final riveting on cab undertaken

Building up of boiler barrel base completed

January 2018images/300/Jan 14 6.jpg

Riveting on of new boiler barrel section started

Remaining accessible lap seam rivets replaced

Old white metal removed from eccentrics

Cab removed for final riveting