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December 2019images/300/Dec 29 2.jpg

Firebox palm stays fettled and fitted ready for riveting

New throatplate riveted to boiler section

New steam heat shut-off valves made and fitted

Crank pins and rods measured for machining bushes

November 2019images/300/Nov 17 4.jpg

New brasses for side rods rough machined

Final welding in of throatplate finished

New backhead cladding started

Firebox lap seams caulked in

October 2019images/300/Oct 13 5.jpg

New cab tool boxes finished

Boiler expansion brackets cleaned, checked and painted

Majority of remaining firebox lap seam rivets replaced

September 2019images/300/Sept 22 2.jpg

More cladding sections and insulation pads fabricated

Rivet holes under the boiler palm stays countersunk

Various oil pots and pipework brackets made

New racking and tool storage bins installed

August 2019images/300/Aug 11 7.jpg

Refurbishing of the rods commenced

Piston swab boxes and covers finished

Flexible brake cylinder pipe fitted

Mesh sieves for water spaces made

July 2019images/300/Jul 28 3.jpg

Safety valve bonnet and new coupling shackles obtained

New rocker shaft covers made

Start made on fabricating new cylinder/valve cover cladding pieces

Insulation pads for the above made

June 2019images/300/Jun 16 5.jpg

Motion return spring assembly fitted

Trailling axle splashers made and fitted

New condensing coil fitted to cab

Main steam pipe removed from boiler for reburb

May 2019images/300/May 19 5.jpg

Boiler palm stays trial fitted

All rivet/stay holes in throat plate pilot drilled

Slipper blocks modified

One set of slipper blocks white metalled

April 2019images/300/Apr 21 4.jpg

Tapping of the many firebox stay holes started

Throat plate corners dressed to fit foundation ring

Cab windows finished and fitted

Final slide bar aligned and pinned

March 2019images/300/Mar 24 2.jpg

Throat plate dressing and drilling started

New lamp brackets made

Water valve operating mechanism fabricated

Ashpan heat shield fabricated and fitted

February 2019images/300/Feb 17 5.jpg

New motion spring bracket components machined

Ashpan riveting and welding completed

Throat plate edges ground to fit foundation ring

Driver's side bottom slide bar fitted, aligned and pinned

January 2019images/300/Jan 13 5.jpg

Construction of new ashpan continues

Boiler repair patch and superheater header NDT tested

Front tank splashers repaired/refurbished and fitted

Work started on installing new boiler throat plate