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What's Happening This Month




On Tuesday the grinding of the weld prep edges on the throat plate was finished off,

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the chill was fitted to the next slipper block in readiness for it to be white metalled and yet more firebox stays were tapped out.

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On top of that, the annual refresh of the sales stand kit and trailer was started with much painting and repairing being undertaken.  On Friday we started to make a chill for re-white metalling the axle boxes from the diesel 08, the final phase one firebox stay hole was tapped and the rest of the sales kit painted as necessary.  On Sunday the chill for the 08 was welded up

images/450/May 19 3.jpg

and immediately put to use with both axle box crowns having the new white metal poured along with the second of our slipper blocks.

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The new palm stays were delivered during the week so these were trial fitted to the boiler barrel (which involved a degree of fettling to achieve) so we could measure the stay length required.

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Also, work started on modifying the driver's side slipper blocks to accept the plate that operates the vacuum pump rod.

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Tuesday's job was drilling all the rivet/patch screw holes in the throat plate corners where it joins the foundation ring

images/450/May 12 1.jpg

and cutting off more surplus material from the sides.  After this the plate was put up again and bolted down to check all the holes were correct which they were.  Worth the time spent measuring, marking and double checking.

images/450/May 12 2.jpg

Throughout this the guys were still tapping out the firebox stay holes and continued this on Friday while a general spring clean was undertaken and jobs prepared for later in the week.  Sunday and the throat plate was taken down again so the temporary brackets welded to the boiler barrel could be cut off and weld preps ground on the original boiler plate.  The final bit of surplus material was cut from the throat plate

images/450/May 12 3.jpg

after which all the cut surfaces were cleaned up and a weld prep started on the edges.

images/450/May 12 4.jpg

Stay hole tapping continued and, at one time, we had five people working on this task alone.  At least it's now coming down the home straight.

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A chill was made in the morning to enclose the first of the slipper blocks and, in the afternoon, it was fitted, the block heated and the new white metal poured.

images/450/May 12 6.jpg

Final job was making and fitting some half nuts for lock nuts on the eccentric sheave bolts.




This week has mainly been about holes.  On Tuesday we made up some specialised tooling to fit our new drilling guides into the firebox stay holes to enable accurately positioned pilot holes to be drilled through into the throat plate.  Once they were all drilled the throat plate was taken down, laid flat on trestles and the long task of enlarging all the holes using the mag drill began.

images/450/May 5 1.jpg

Others continued tapping out the firebox stay holes and the slide bar oil pot refurbishment was completed enabling them all to be fitted.  On Friday it was more stay hole tapping,

images/450/May 5 2.jpg

throat plate hole drilling and a new power supply for the mag drill was installed.  On Sunday the throat plate stay hole drilling was completed so the plate was, once again, fitted back onto the boiler,

images/450/May 5 3.jpg

bolted into place and the position of the foundation ring holes on the sides around both front corners were double checked before it was taken down and those holes were then drilled.

images/450/May 5 4.jpg

Templates made from gasket paper were then used to mark the position of the patch screw holes on the corners of the foundation ring, the templates were then transferred to the inside of the throat plate,

images/450/May 5 5.jpg

the centres of the holes marked and pilot holes for those then drilled.  The final hole was the completion of boring out the centre of the second new piston head.

images/450/May 5 6.jpg

Finally, our pair of robins successfully raised their young who have all flown the nest so we can now access that area of our workshop again.