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“Plug the Gap” and help sponsor these vital (and very soon to be needed) plugs, to get your boiler’s 10-year steam ticket.

Please choose a Wash-Out Plug or Fusible Plug (Fusible plugs are limited)

If you would like both, please add them to your basket separately.

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With our boiler now ‘steaming ahead’ towards completion in Liverpool, we seem to have a gap in our finances, as we have in our boiler, that requires a little bit of plugging.

In order to get the boiler passed by the boiler inspector, it needs first to be put under hydraulic pressure and then, if all is well, it’s steamed up to one-and-a-half times the normal working pressure. This all takes place before it gets anywhere near the loco frames, so to facilitate this vital process you first need a boiler that is watertight and steam tight for these tests.

Among other various temporary plates to fill the gauge holes etc in the boiler, are the all-important wash-out and fusible plugs.

There are a large number of these plugs screwed into the boiler at strategic places to enable a ‘wash out’ to be performed when the boiler is in service. This helps get rid of much sludge and limescale that gradually builds up inside the boiler. Unfortunately, along with everything else on the locomotive, they are not cheap. Also, a reserve number of plugs will be needed for maintenance.

Each plug costs £45, and you will receive a ‘Plug the Gap’ sponsorship certificate

You may also download a printable application form to pay by cheque or BACS: 2021-Plug-the-Gap-Application.pdf

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