Progress September 2021

Week Two On Tuesday and Friday the team continued with making/cleaning clock bodies to re-plenish our sales stock. Building a new cupboard to hold drawers for all our engineering drawings and removing the Dave Dee memorial bench from storage to check it over pending the unveiling which is to announced shortly.  This has sadly been delayed for over 12 months due … Read More

Progress August 2021

Final Week On Tuesday, the slide bars were cleaned and re-oiled to ensure the crossheads move freely in preparation for fitting the piston rods to them.  The remainder of the cylinder cover pressure relief valves were tested, set and fitted to the covers which then had their mating surfaces cleaned up ready for re-fitting. Finally, the superheater header and regulator box … Read More

Progress July 2021

Week Four One loco off the to-do list this week as 6619’s boiler is now fully revealed and awaiting the boiler inspector’s visit.  During Tuesday and Friday, 5668’s tank had the top panels bolted into place and reamed as necessary. Others were on the long task of annealing the ends of 4253’s tubes (with this shot clearly showing the furnace) cleaning … Read More

Progress June 2021

Week Four Another full week working on 4253, 5668 and 6619.  Tuesday saw 4253 moved from road 2 to road 1 in the shed which is the first time she’s moved with all the inside motion connected up and, thankfully, there were no issues.  Work continues on the machining of the pressure relief valves. Meanwhile others were grinding and assembling more of … Read More

Progress May 2021

Final Week Tuesday saw 4253 get a bit if a clean up after its extended period living in the open plus more painting of 5668’s fireman’s side tank components. Work continued on the motion with various trimmings made, split pins fitted and a new cotter pin made for the pony truck.  This continued on Friday with more work on the motion … Read More

Progress April 2021

Week Three Work continues on 5668’s driver’s side tank which, as usual, means someone has to wedge themselves inside it to mark the positions for yet more holes to be drilled. After that, the panel concerned gets taken down and a set of calipers used to mark the position of those holes that couldn’t be marked from inside the tank. … Read More

Progress March 2021

We Are Back! Week 4 Decent progress this week as everyone gets back into the swing of it.  Luckily there are so many different thinks to be progressed that we can accommodate quite a few people as they’re all working in separate areas.  Tuesday and Friday saw more work on the baffles and associated brackets for 5668’s driver’s side tank plus yet … Read More