Engineering Timeline

Proposed timeline for completing the project.

Completed Items in GREEN

Year One

Remove tanks, cab, bunker and relevant superstructure. In the absence of drawings put aside for patterns. Immediate start on reproducing tanks and bunker. Prepare boiler for lifting.  Overhaul brake gear to include new opins and bushes.

Meet infrastructure requirements such as purchase of container (to be based in the KESR container park) before too many parts can be removed.

Year Two

De-tube boiler. Dismantle suspension. In same operation lift boiler from frames and frames from driving wheelsets and front truck. Strip down remainder of brake rigging, assess and put into store. Strip down front truck. Assess driving and truck wheelsets and despatch for reprofiling and possible attention to axle bearing journals and crank pins. Assess driving springs and order new/have refurbished accordingly. Progress work on tanks/bunker manufacture. Complete strip down of frames and cylinders/valve chests and place all removed parts in store for future assessment. Clean down/derust frames and paint for protection. Rebuild cab steps, replace front buffer beam and drag box, replace intermediate top and bottom frame stretchers. Blast/paint boiler for protection and place aside to store. Examine/assess main steam pipes and blast pipe components and place into store.

Year Three

Replace corroded area on main frames. Assess axleboxes and horn guides and commence refurbishment. Same for truck axleboxes and horn guides. Examine cylinder/valve chest bores and piston/piston valve rings -rebore/replace as necessary. Assess slide bars and replace/refurbish. Fit slide bars. Set out frames for axlebox spacing and refurb/apply white metal as required. Machine axleboxes and trial fit to frames and axle journals. Refurbish truck incidentals/side control mechanism and paint/reassemble. Fit pistons and valves. Assess boiler and arrange for boiler inspection to consolidate projections for work program. Commence boiler restoration work. Complete work on tanks and bunker-fit bunker. Commence fabrication of cab.

Year Four

Rewheel frames including refitting of truck assembly. Progress work on boiler, order fire tubes. Refurbish superheater header and main steam pipes, lay aside for future fitting. Refurbish existing safety valves.

Year Five

Source back head fittings. Continue refurbishment work on boiler including re-staying. Complete fabrication of cab. Source forgings for missing coupling/ connecting rods. Refurbish existing rods/motion/pins etc. Source motion machining quotations. Agree contract for machining all new rods including bushing. Refurbish/check regulator and internal boiler pipework.

Year Six

Complete boiler work and attach all fittings to barrel, firebox and back head. Order flue tubes and superheater elements. Fit superheater header and elements. Hydraulic and steam test the boiler out of frames for own information and make assessment-carry out any remedial work. Measure up for boiler cladding, manufacture and as far as possible test fit. Fabricate new smokebox and door.

Year Seven

Procure crossheads. Manufacture new piston rods and replace missing valve and cylinder covers. Fit all side rods and inside motion and connect to front end.

Year Eight

Carry out BI hydraulic and steam tests out of frames then refit boiler to frames. Refit or replace all smokebox pipework and boiler top feed clacks. Fit lagging, tanks and order, form up and trial fit new copper pipework. Source feed injectors and brake valve/ejector and ‘pipe up’. Fit cab roof. Source and fit safety valve bonnet and whistles. Refurbish and fit vacuum pump.

Year Nine

Source hydrostatic lubricator and fit. Carry out BI commissioning steam test followed by running tests. Snag out. Finish paint job. Final commissioning, load tests and launch.