Boiler Appeal

It has been decided that, to speed the return of 4253 to steam, we are going to send the boiler away for the remaining repairs to be done by Heritage Boiler Steam Services in Liverpool.  It is estimated that this will shorten the restoration timetable by some 18/20 months.

Why are we doing this?

  • To bring forward the completion date of the restoration
  • For safety reasons in that we have neither the equipment or space to easily manoeuvre the firebox side wrappers which each weigh in at 590kgs
  • To provide a sufficiently powerful locomotive for running to Robertsbridge
  • To bolster the Kent & East Sussex Railway’s fleet as soon as possible

How much will it all cost?

Estimate of materials cost re boiler£  23,300
Estimate of labour cost re boiler£  75,700
Other major costs to complete loco£  57,000
TOTAL COST£156,000

How will this be funded?

Funds already raised£  91,700
Percentage of 2020 income£  23,400
SHORTFALL£  40,900

How will this be covered?

We have plans/proposals in place for some £16,000 of this which will leave £25,000 and that’s where you come in.  

We are looking to sell a further 100 shares by December 2020 either via outright purchase or the alternative route of monthly Standing Order payments although, given the timings involved, we would prefer if this could be over a maximum of ten months i.e. £25pm.  However, if you wish to purchase at a lower monthly cost of between £10 and £25, we shall still be more than grateful to receive your application.

Additionally, if you are already buying shares via Standing Order why not contribute to this effort by increasing the current monthly amount?

Although this is a departure from the original plan of undertaking the entire restoration ourselves, we have come to the conclusion that, to be ready for extending the line to Robertsbridge and to bolster the Kent & East Sussex Railway’s locomotive fleet as speedily as possible, this is the correct course of action.  With your help we shall succeed in doing so.

Use one of the application forms below to purchase a share via Direct Debit or Cheque.
Buy a £250 share now via PayPal using the option below.

Please also complete a Share Application form from above and post to the registered address on the form including details of your PayPal payment.

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