Brian Sefton – 4253 Painting

Brian Sefton visited Barry scrapyard in Wales many times during the 70’s and 80’s and amassed hundreds of photographs and preparatory drawings for what would become ‘The Barry Collection’ – over 100 paintings of the locos there. 

He passed away in November last year leaving an enormous collection of steam paintings that have never been seen by the public. He was a very modest man and didn’t publicise his work – once a painting was complete he would store it away and start the next one! 

To publicise his work and get him the recognition he deserves, his son Matt Sefton has started a Facebook page @seftonsteamart and an Instagram account @sefton_steam_art where you can see examples of his work. 

Matt has also been kind enough to share his Fathers’s painting of 4253 at Barry.

Thank you.