2017 Blog

December 2017

  • Foundation ring refitted to firebox
  • New rocking shaft bearings fully machined
  • New piston rods and injectors received
  • New, fully machined hydrostatic lubricator collected

November 2017

  • Brake shaft fully repaired and trial fitted
  • Rear window protection bars fabricated
  • New cab window and door latches made
  • Foundation ring repairs completed

October 2017

  • Reversing lever, quadrant and rear sander handle installed
  • All lubrication lines for the axleboxes completed
  • All joining plates fixing cab to tanks and bunker made
  • Brake blocks fitted

September 2017

  • Tanks and cab trial fitted
  • New rearmost section of brake pull rod made
  • New cab floor made and fitted
  • All new fittings for vacuum retaining valve machined

August 2017

  • Axlebox and horn lubrication lines formed and fitted
  • New brake pull brackets made
  • First rocking shaft bearing trial fitted
  • Making of new water valve operating mechanism started

July 2017

  • Bunker fitted to frames
  • Sand box and drain cock linkages all completed
  • Vacuum and steam heat pipework completed
  • Machining of rocker shaft bearings started

June 2017

  • Pipework continues and is nearly completed
  • Bunker and tanks sent away for specialist coating of water spaces
  • Brake shaft bearings finished and successfully trial fitted
  • Both cylinders lagged and cladding fitted

May 2017

  • Vacuum pump and reservoir fitted
  • Brake gear refurbished with new bushes
  • Start made on fabricating vacuum and steam heat pipe runs
  • Sand box actuating mechanism installed

April 2017

  • Newly assembled valve pistons received
  • Brake pull rods re-bushed as necessary
  • Brake vacuum cylinder, spring adjusters and brake hangers installed
  • New cab steps riveted to frames

March 2017


February 2017

  • All axle box bearing surfaces scraped in to match journals
  • All old foundation ring studs drilled out
  • New threads cut in stud holes
  • Axle boxes trial assembled with spring hangers and pins

January 2017

  • Foundation ring removed from firebox
  • Axle box lubrication units reassembled with new brackets
  • New jockey valve and bracket made
  • Two lifting gantries obtained and refurbished