Progress June 2021

Week Two

The week started with turning 5668’s water tank onto its side which involved the hoist, a lot of people and a lot of care.

This was so the tank could be riveted to the base plate and involved positioning the joining angle and then drilling, reaming and bolting it all together which occupied the majority of Tuesday. 

On Friday, 4353’s tanks were filled with water to cleck the operation of the float controlling the gauge reading and also for any remaining leaks.  All was going quite well until a waterfall suddenly gushed from the bunker’s coal door.

Appears that the bolting down of the two inspection covers on the top of the bunker’s water space had been overlooked!

On Sunday we riveted the outer tank to base join although, given the high temperature, we had to undertake this in very short sessions as, even with a big extractor fan running. the interior quickly became almost unbearable.

As all these rivets are countersunk, the heads had to be ground flush afterwards so we had a team slowly moving from one end to the other following the riveters.

Once completed the tank was then turned over into its other side and another half dozen rivets installed to fix the rear end panel to the base.

The boiler work at HBSS is progressing with some stays fitted to the backhead

plus a start made on drilling the stay holes in the side wrappers.

This coming Monday (14th June) will be the tenth anniversary of 4253’s arrival at Rolvenden with this final shot showing what it looked like on that day.

A lot has been done since that time.

Week One

During the week. more cleaning and checking of 4253’s motion and underpinnings was carried out, the machining of the rod bushes continued as did the fabrication of the new tank filler necks and lids.  Also, in the hope that we can get out and about to a few fundraising events shortly, the sales trailer had a bit of a spruce up and some minor repairs.

On Sunday it was back to the riveting on 5668’s tank and, given the temperature, the job of forge master wasn’t one to be envied.

However, it wasn’t long before the whole building was sweltering as were the people in it.

Even working outside in the direct sun was cooler so others were cutting out some sheet metal for replacement panels on the rear of the trailer.

At HBSS, the boiler work is also continuing with both side wrappers now fully welded into place.