Progress March 2021

We Are Back!

Week 4

Decent progress this week as everyone gets back into the swing of it.  Luckily there are so many different thinks to be progressed that we can accommodate quite a few people as they’re all working in separate areas.  Tuesday and Friday saw more work on the baffles and associated brackets for 5668’s driver’s side tank plus yet more hole drilling, not all of which was that easy to access.

In addition to that, 4253’s inner frames were given a clean down and another coat of paint.

On Sunday a start was made on making up the pipework for the ashpan watering system,

the steel strips previously cut for the new filler necks were rolled to shape,

the steel strips previously cut for the new filler necks were rolled to shape,

Back on 5668’s tank, a new doubling plate was made for the lifting bracket and the top inner angle positioned and clamped into place.  It is now ready to receive the rear panels which, hopefully, will be arriving next week.

Week 3

We are now back to work and one of the first jobs was repairing sheeting round the bunco booth which had been damaged over the winter and required quite a lot of replacement.

5668’s tank construction is now back in full swing with all the bottom angle holes reamed ready for riveting.  

There has been a continuous stream of fabricating baffle angles, marking their position and then drilling the fixing holes

together with welding and grinding numerous parts.

A great deal of steel has also been cut out to produce baffle plates and the new filler neck sections.

Meanwhile, work continues on the boiler at HBSS with the new backhead now in place and a start made on riveting it to the fire hole.

All told, everyone is extremely happy to be getting back to work and pushing the project forward after so many weeks of inactivity.