Progress May 2021

Week One (and end of April)

First job this week was on Monday to collect the new intermediate rod from SCISS water jet cutting and deliver it to Inca Geometric for final machining.  On Tuesday, the rear panels were taken down from 5668’s driver’s side tank so that the baffle angle brackets could be fully welded on and the lower shelf they sit on trimmed back to match using the plasma cutter.

The access panel had its retaining holes tapped and studs screwed in

and the top sections were removed for red oxide to be applied.  On 4253, the fireman’s side rocking shaft was removed so that the link that connects it to the valve cross head could be fitted.  This required a degree of fettling with the job continuing on Friday.  Also this week, some more progress was made on the tank filler lids.

 On Sunday, the final trial fitting and trimming was done on the water tank prior to it all being stripped down for de-burring next week.  This involved some final ‘adjustments’ to the rear of the back panel involving heat and a large hammer.

cutting away the surplus material on the end panel 

and final dressing of all the cut edges.

Meanwhile in the shed, the rocking shaft was being refitted and one of the bearing caps bolted down.

The rear draw hook was removed so its mounting plate and rubbers can be properly assembled (it was only a temporary fit) and a start was made on checking every nut, split pin and fitting on the frames from front to back.