2014 Blog

December 2014 Rear panels completed for water tank Complete trial build of water tank finished Old white metal removed from slipper blocks Fabrication of horn grinding machine started November 2014 New coupled keeps and guide liners obtained for axle boxes All axle box rubbing plates removed Crack on frame by left leading horn repaired Top panels and baffles for left … Read More

2013 Blog

December 2013 Wasted section of right hand frame cut away Right hand water tank rear panels drilled and trial fitted Front tube plate removed Cleaning of interior of boiler barrel commenced November 2013 Wheels returned from South Devon Railway fully refurbished Smokebox removed from boiler barrel Rivets holding front tube plate in place all removed Last of the steel panels … Read More

2012 Blog

December 2012 Rear drag box cleaned and painted Needle gunned rear inside of frames Final bunker components manufactured – water valve bosses Bunker tool boxes fabricated and painted Front and rear of cab manufactured and painted Cylinder cover studs refurbished November 2012 The rebuilt upper intermediate stretcher riveted to frames Removal and rebuilding of lower intermediate stretcher Rear buffer beam … Read More

2011 Blog

December 2011 Boiler lifted Leading truck removed Wheels removed and sheeted Fames returned to site outside rear of shed November 2011 Springs and brakes removed Under keeps removed and steam cleaned Pony truck compensating beam and crossbeam removed Pony truck spring beam nuts undone. Blastpipe removed from smokebox. Fabrication table built and new bunker floor laid out. First angle drilled … Read More