Progress February 2020

The boiler fund appeal has started well so don’t get left behind – go to the ‘How You Can Help’ page to buy a share. Week Four Tuesday saw more work on the 5668 tank sections with rivets being pounded out and the dressing back of areas where the cut up angle sections had been welded together again last week. … Read More

Progress January 2020

Week 4 On Monday the boiler was lifted out, loaded onto a lorry and headed off to HBSS in Liverpool. This left us to rebuild the end wall of the boiler house and effect some repairs where the weather has taken its toll over the years.  The manifold pad removed last week was cleaned up in preparation for having a … Read More

Dave Dee

It is with the utmost sadness and regret that we have to report the sudden death of one of our long-time volunteers Dave Dee on Thursday 23 January. Dave had worked on the project for many years and was a key member of our riveting team.  Although big in personality, he was not so in stature so often found himself … Read More

Breaking News!

As agreed by shareholders at last weeks 4253 AGM. The boiler has now been dispatched to specialists in Liverpool for rebuilding. We would expect it to the completed and returned by the end of this year A Boiler Fund has been set up to finance the workfrom the sale of an additional 100 shares. GWR 4253 The ‘Final Push’ Appeal … Read More

2020 AGM Special Report

A PACKED meeting of shareholders at this year’s AGM unanimously approved a major new announcement and proposal by the board of directors. Shareholders were 100% behind the proposal without any abstentions and this landmark decision should now significantly cut the completion time of 4253 by around 18-20 months ….

Progress December 2019

Week 4 Christmas week but we still kept soldiering on.   Monday and Tuesday were the last two days of the Santa Specials so the sales team were kept fully occupied raising funds for the project.  A sincere thank you is in order to all those shareholders who turned out to help man the stand over the whole ten days.  Everyone took … Read More

Progress November 2019

Final Week Despite working on five days this week we haven’t actually done anything on the loco.  Reason is that this is our busiest fundraising period with ten days of manning our sales stand during the running of the Santa Specials.  Tuesday involved gathering together all the stuff we were going to need, Thursday was transporting and erecting the gazebo … Read More

History of 4253

Read the story of 4253 from the beginning, and a summary of the restoration by downloading the PDF file below.