Progress February 2023

Final Week This week involved four days of working parties as some of the team came in on Thursday to finish some jobs off.  We started off by removing the denso tape from all the crank pins so they could be thoroughly cleaned up and then measured. At the same time, the holes in the rods for the bushes were also … Read More

Progress January 2023

Final Week During the week, all the parts drilled and trial fitted last weekend were removed, de-burred and cleaned up. More bits for Project 2 were positioned, marked out and drilled, the painting of Charwelton’ bunker was finished and the Lobo tower dismantled so we could gain access to the rear buffer beam and start painting that. In addition, No … Read More

Progress December 2022

Final Week (Written on January 1st 2023) Firstly, a Happy New Years to all our readers! Back to normal this week other than packing away all the sales stand paraphernalia on Tuesday.  After that is was back to Project 2 and the usual round of drilling, welding and grinding. Another task was modifying an ‘S’ shaped section by cutting a bit … Read More

Progress November 2022

Week Four During the week, the current project was bought almost to completion with the final exterior seam being welded and then ground back to give a smooth edge. After that it was more cutting and grinding of parts for the next project which took a couple of people most of a day.  The painting of Charwelton was progressed with the … Read More