Newsletter No.1 – Autumn 2019

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, but we now have a dedicated team in place to provide regular updates for our members.

‘Old Site’ Photos

We are busy curating thousand’s of photos from our archive, and will add new galleries over time. Meanwhile, these are a few of the photos from our old site. Click on an image for a larger version.

2018 Blog

December 2018 Eccentrics, expansion links and eccentric rods fitted Splasher to protect vacuum pump made and trial fitted Boiler barrel repair section welded in under supervision of boiler inspector Lower slide bar on fireman’s side aligned and fitted November 2018 Eccentric strap white metal bearings scraped to fit New thrust washers machined for motion components Splash covers made for rear … Read More

2017 Blog

December 2017 Foundation ring refitted to firebox New rocking shaft bearings fully machined New piston rods and injectors received New, fully machined hydrostatic lubricator collected November 2017 Brake shaft fully repaired and trial fitted Rear window protection bars fabricated New cab window and door latches made Foundation ring repairs completed October 2017 Reversing lever, quadrant and rear sander handle installed … Read More

2016 Blog

December 2016 Last remnants of copper firebox stays removed Driver’s side rear cylinder cover repaired Repair section for lower boiler barrel fabricated and prepped Initial machining of under keeps completed November 2016 Machining and trial fitting of axle boxes continues New cylinder drain cock operating mechanism finished Lap seam rivets at throat plate end of firebox replaced Driver’s side rear … Read More