Progress August 2023

Week Four During the week we’ve progressed work on 4253’s front running plates with sections painted and then fitted, together with the hand rails and lamp brackets. The rods had all the old restrictors removed from the oil pots which turned into almost a day’s work on its own given they were corroded solidly into place and had no intention … Read More

Progress July 2023

Final Week Lot more work achieved on Charwelton this week with many more running plate sections painted, the sanding and drain cock levers all re-assembled onto the cab side sheet and the cab received more paint and a cleaning of the brass window frames.  In the background of this shot you can see the skip we filled and sent off for … Read More

Newsletter No 21 – Summer 2023

Result of Livery Vote Lining the Loco GWR Swindon Colour Specs All that Brass – Part 2 Richard (Dick) Beckett Dave Dee Memorial Bench Rods Progress Boiler Progress

Progress June 2023

Week Four Half of the team spent most of Tuesday and Friday continuing working on the P Way department’s tamper by dismantling the track lifting units which, as they’re outside was hot work. Most of the components are seized solid so a degree of drilling out and hammering was required and, once separated, a lot of effort to clean off … Read More

Progress May 2023

Final Week During the week, the painting work continued and one of the number plates was fitted to the bunker plus a start made on the lining to show how it will finally look.  This was mainly for the benefit of visitors to the weekend’s Steam Up and open day at Rolvenden. Some of the insulation for the cylinder area was … Read More

Progress April 2023

Final Week On Tuesday it was yet more rubbing down and painting of both 4253’s frames and running plates and the top section of Project 2. Friday’s task was to get Project 2 out of the booth and upright which first involved tuning it over so the flat side was on the bottom to safely sit on the skids.  It was … Read More